Sustainable Event Merchandise

We take pride in our ability to provide truly environmentally sustainable product options for our clients. Over the years, we have successfully delivered a range of sustainable apparel and general merchandise for large events – making us a specialist in this field.

From Fun Runs and Concerts, right through to Sporting Events, Scout can provide ethical solutions that reflect the values of a modern, environmentally conscious brand.

Case Study: HBF Fun Run

The HBF Run For A Reason is a national fundraising initiative with a huge participation rate and a very positive social outcome. Our friends at HBF are continuously looking for ways to make the event have even more impact. We helped the cause by providing an environmentally sustainable solution to the participant jerseys – these will be used for the next event in 2021.

We have manufactured jerseys that are recycled from plastic drink bottles. We manufactured 42,000 shirts @ approx 9 PET plastic drink bottles per shirt. Read more about our commitment to global citizenship here.

We can create sustainable products for your events such as:

• T-Shirts
• Jerseys
• Band Merchandise
• Novelty Items
• Headwear
• Participant Packs
• Supporters Merchandise

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