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Manufacturing can be a complex process, so it's only natural to have questions

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How does it work with Scout?

Scout offers a versatile model where clients can utalise our expertise in product design, product sampling, prototyping, bulk manufacturing and logistics/ fulfilment solutions. Clients can choose to enter and exit where they like in this process. We do not require any contracts or supply contracts. We believe in our service, we believe in our products, and we are confident in our process. Enquire today to see if we are a good fit for your brand.

What is the process

It all starts with YOU. we want to hear your idea, understand your vision and the purpose behind the products. We believe in producing products with purpose. Once we have an understanding of this we can map out the most affordable, and timely way to get this concept to market. Design - sampling - manufacturing - forwarding. All in the one place.

Where are you based?

Scout head office is conveniently located in the beautiful Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia. We have partner offices in Los Angeles, Dubai and Huzhou, China. Making global distribution of your products seamless. Book at chat with our Australian based team today.

What are your MOQs?

Minimum order quantities are a part of all manufacturing. They vary between product categories and qualities. For example when working with stock fabrication, MOQs can be as low as 50 units per SKU. If we are working with more complex products with custom materials or engineering. MOQs can be as high as 5000 units. Our role is to find a solution best fit for you.

Do you charge any fees?

Generally we are a no fee services. Meaning we charge you a per unit price, which includes all manufacturing costs, freight and local delivery to your nominated warehouse. This gives you clarity on your product pricing with no hidden fees or charges. Some charges for design or sampling may apply in some cases where high level of customisation is required.

Do you work with start-ups?

From little things, big things can grow. We love working with start ups, chat to the team about flexible payment plans and ways we can fast track your brands growth.


Does Scout offer in-house design

We boast a team of industry leading in-house product and fashion designers. Offering full service design support from logo and brand creation, through to specialised fashion design and tech drawings. Contact us today to get your design scope underway.

Do you charge for design work?

Yes, and No. Depending on the scope of your work, we can either offer our design services free of charge. Helping you get your product to market sooner. More complex collections of programs may require some design charges.

Do you do offer tech packs/ tech drawing?

Yes, we offer full support with technical drawings, and tech packs which the factory will need to bring your product to life.


Save time, money and energy by working with one of our 28+ established manufacturing partners. The ground work has been done for you. We cover most categogies and territories include Australia, China, Middle East, Vietnam, Indonesia

Do you only work in China

No, although 85% of our production would be from Asia, we produce more niche products from speclalised factories from around the world. Including factories right here in Australia.

Is Scout an agency?

Not exactly, Scout has exclusive supply agreements and relationships with selected manufacturing sites around Asia and the world. These relationships are 15 years old in some cases. We also hold an equity stake with some key manufacturers, meaning our clients get the same benefits of dealing with a factory, but with local account management and representation. Removing barriers around language and reliability. And getting your products to market sooner.

Do you support ethical manufacturing?

100% Scout is committed creating positive social impacts in the communities in which we operate. This includes ensuring ethical and environment standards are met, and that we are committed to manufacturing products under safe, fair and humane working conditions. All factories hold ethical manufacturing certifactions, audited by accredited 3rd party auditors. Such audits are conducted annually. For more information please email and request a copy of our Global Citizenship pledge, and Ethical Manufacturing policy.

Do i need to pay upfront?

We are happy to work with each client on flexible payment terms. Generally we do require a deposit.

Other services

Scout offers a range of additional services which can add value to your brand. These include graphic design, fulfilment

Do you do campaign shoots/ Studio shoots?

We do offer this service to selected clients only. We also have several strategic partnerships with industry leading photographers, videographers and studios who we are happy to connect you with.

Does Scout warehouse and 3PL?

Yes, majority of our clients have warehousing and distribution covered. But for those who don't, we offer full service warehousing and fulfilment solutions from right here on the Gold Coast.

What other services do you offer?

We offer a range of strategic partners who can help with all elements of your brand. Including graphic design, IP protection, website creation etc. These services are generally for our start up clients. If you would like more information on this please let us know.

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